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Katja Maassen


Katja Maassen is a freelance Make-up artist and Hairstylist from Berlin and is driven by her creative passion to constantly create new looks. She started out as a self-taught artist, then completed various training courses and has been working internationally in the fashion and beauty industry ever since.  She has always been fascinated by mixing, combining and applying colors and textures. It all began in art class, followed by a fashion design degree and then on to becoming a freelance make-up artist. She looks at the proportions, skin textures, colors and every beauty in and behind every face and often creates her looks intuitively. Her focus is on natural healthy glowing skin, as well as setting accents.  When it comes to hair, she sees the individuality of the texture and drapes, combs and brushes it in its natural form. Here, too, you can often recognize her signature: small accents or deliberately imperfections. "Every image, every creative work is an interplay of individual signatures from different departments which share the same aesthetic and vision. Freelance projects, editorials and client commissions should reflect the uniqueness of each individual."