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Alex Waltl

Alex Waltl

Born in the country side in southern Germany, where Alex Waltl discovered his love for capturing moments at an early age. He was only 12 years old when Alex held his first camera and ever since he knew he wanted to become a photographer. Pursuing his dream, Alex attended photography school in Stuttgart. After graduation, in search of more experience, he decided to go to New York for 3 months. Things turned out differently when he started assisting world class photographers such as Annie Leibowitz, Russell James and many more for the next 7 years. Alex was not only known for his creative vision and good photography skills, but also his kindness and tireless hard work. After making a name for himself in New York, he got offered a full time assisting job for the world leading photographer, Mario Testino in London. Shortly after, Alex became his first photographic assistant. He spend the next six years travelling all around the globe together with Mario shooting the biggest campaigns and most prestige magazines. Alex’s dedication and love for creating the perfect image was shaped in those years. After all these years assisting, Alex decided to go on his own and calls Berlin his new home since 2018. He still travels between London, NY and wherever else the job takes him.